Social Media Outreach

Thank you for your support of the Town Hall Foundation, As a non-profit organization, we can only complete our mission with your donations. In order to succeed, we need over a million individuals to donate $10, $15 or $25, a small amount each to ensure we can capture mind-share of the music distribution industry.

Our efforts are what are commonly referred to as a grass roots campaign by using social media. We are asking that our supporters use Facebook, emails, or Twitter and reach out to their friends and relatives to view our Website and join the growing list of supporters.

Specifically, we ask that you post to Facebook one of the samples below. They are JPEGS so a simple copy/paste to your PC and upload to Facebook from there is all that should be required. Add your personal request above the JPEG to encourage others to follow suit. We also ask that you post to Twitter one of the posts below. Feel free to modify them and make them your own. Whatever you’re comfortable with will be the most effective.

Most of us have a contact list for emails. We have provided a sample below of an email you can send to those you think will support the Town Hall Foundation. If you send the email to ten, fifteen or twenty of your friends and ask them to do the same, we can reach out to thousands of people in the shortest amount of time. We need your help, we need your support, and together we can reduce the Brainwashing that is perpetrated upon our children by some artists in the music industry.



Fight back against music Artists who choose to harm our Children. Go to and show your support. We CAN make a difference.

Bullying, drug use, and sexual misconduct are on the rise. Fight back against the music Artists who brainwash our children. Support

Email Campaign

I recently reviewed the Website of the Town Hall Foundation, I was impressed and donated $25 to support their work and am asking you to do the same. The THF is using academic studies to create review criteria which are used to determine non-compliant songs. The studies show that some music lyrics are harmful to childhood development but, as we all know, the lyrics are protected by the First Amendment.

What we can do is use the work done by the THF to approach the music distribution industry and ask that they withdraw the non-compliant songs from their inventories. It is clear that the violence we see in the classroom, use of drugs by teens, use of hate speech, and sexual misconduct are on the rise. The convergence of technology and the music lyrics creates a condition similar to Brainwashing.

Sitting idly on the sidelines will not solve the problem. Please check out the Website and, if you agree, support the Town Hall Foundation with a small donation and then send this email from you to ten, twenty or more of your friends and family. Our children are under fire. Please support the Town Hall Foundation.