F--in' Problems

Artist: ASAP Rocky

Album: Long

Posted on 09/13/2013

Record Label: RCA

Released On: 10/24/2012

Glamorization of Drug Use

Graphic Violence

Hate Speech

Sexual Content


As I began this review, I was under the impression that A$AP might have felt oppressed, hurt or had issues and wanted to sing about his problem. I was wrong. In this song, it appears that A$AP thinks he is a chick magnet and intends to impress us with his anatomical gifts and sexual prowess. By using racially charged epithets, insulting, violent, graphic references to his sex life, demeaning the women who surround him, and sprinkling in a touch of drug use for flavor, you come up with a song that has no relevancy in today’s world. This song is offensive to all rational adults and hurtful to childhood development. A$AP violates all our review criteria.