Hollywood Asks Obama to Liberalize Drug Laws

Posted on 10/15/2013 by John Poland CEO, Town Hall Foundation

In a letter delivered to President Obama, 100 of Hollywood’s finest added their voice to liberalize our drug laws. Rap mogul, Russell Simmons organized the group which included: Lil Wayne, Ron Howard, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Susan Sarandon and Will Smith.

The group applauded the President’s approach involving drug incarceration reform citing that almost 50%of the federal prison population is drug offenders. They suggest that “the time is right” to pass new laws that replace jail sentences with intervention and rehabilitation.

Simmons says, “It is critical that we change both the way we think about drug laws in this country and how we generate positive solutions that leave a lasting impact on rebuilding our communities”.

The Town Hall Foundation’s position that the exploitation of drug use negatively affects childhood behavior suggests that Mr. Simmons and his group of 100 don’t care about our children. Mr. Simmons has amassed millions of dollars of personal net worth from Def Jam whose Rap/Hip Hop artists spew hate speech, sexually explicit language, gratuitous violence and of course the institutionalizing of drug use. Our position does not opine on the nature or outcome of the letter to the White House, but rather the position that those in Hollywood and in particular Russell Simmons make a living producing product that negatively affects childhood development.

How can the assembled group of 100 entertainers fall for his leadership and approach the President of the United States. Is it their intent to brainwash our children into becoming zombies that are blind to their progressive “anything goes” philosophy. That may be a cool thing for some, but when held in context with the academic studies we publish, a dangerous course of action perpetrated on our children.

Enough Mr. Simmons and your Hollywood gang. Eat your vegetables, protect our farm animals, and stick to Yoga, but leave our children alone.

That’s the message for today, more coming.