Demographics and Definitions

Posted on 09/30/2013 by John Poland CEO, Town Hall Foundation

The 2010 census gives a good look at the audience for the Town Hall Foundation. They report that the United States population grew to 309 million. Of those, 77 million are senior citizens, 37 million are ages 5-13, and17 million are ages 14-17. So, simple math suggests that 17.5% of the population is between the ages of 5-17, the target population for the THF.

Science is also clear; children from the ages of 5-17 are in their developmental years. Hormones are changing as they progress through this complex time of their lives. Mood shifts, unusual growth patterns occur, awkwardness happens and they try to balance all of these natural events through their societal filters.

The filters include their parents, other family and extended family members, religious groups, public and private schools, government and their peer groups. All play a part in the development of each individual child.

As our children develop, it is critical that the proper inputs are used as filters to add structure to the child. In today’s mixed up world, this role unfortunately is more and more relegated to the media and the peer groups. We see too much gang and youth violence from Chicago to East Los Angeles. It is not uncommon for innocent children to be shot and killed on a daily basis and not unusual to have that violence to have come from other children.

The Town Hall Foundation is a Child Advocacy group that is singularly focused on the impact of the music industry during this critical time in a child’s life. Gratuitously violent Rap music, (add hate speech, sexual exploitation, and drug use) are clear precursors to violent behavior in some children. Some children can discern and be unaffected by this. Others cannot. If only 10% of the target population responds to these inputs as normal, we are in trouble as a society. 5.4 million children from each generation cannot be indoctrinated into the depravity trap set by these lyrics.

Protecting our children by stopping media providers from producing and making a profit is the goal of the THF.

That’s the message for today, more coming.