THF Is Not Alone

Posted on 07/07/2014 by John Poland CEO, Town Hall Foundation

A Boston University student group  demanded the school cancel a Robin Thicke concert, complaining that the pop star’s “Blurred Lines” lyrics are sexist.

Members of Humanists of Boston University collected 1,500 signatures on an online petition to stop the performance. Thicke had a March 4 date at the school’s Agganis Arena.

“Thicke’s hit song, ‘Blurred Lines,’ celebrates having sex with women against their will,” the group’s petition says, according to Boston Magazine. “Lyrics such as, ‘I know you want it,’ explicitly use non-consensual language. And while watching the extremely explicit video, the insinuations grow from subtle to explicit to obnoxious.”

“We see this as a blatant form of reinforcing rape culture and sexism.”

- Patrick Johnson, Humanists of Boston University

“Clearly, Boston University has been a bedrock for feminism and ideologies of equality more generally. It is a dishonor to our feminist history to symbolically idolize Robin Thicke by allowing him to perform his misogynist music at our university,” the petition adds.

“We see this as a blatant form of reinforcing rape culture and sexism,” Patrick Johnson, the organization’s president, said.

Thicke performed "Blurred Lines" during the Grammy Awards show in January. The song was a Grammy nominee.

A university spokesman says it is unlikely the show will be canceled. He said Boston University had nothing to do with booking the show, one stop on a 16-show tour.

The THF has awarded the Seal of Shame to this song and has called out Robin Thicke in multiple editorials. It appears we do not stand alone. Kudos’s to Humanists of Boston University for speaking out.

That’s the message for today, more coming.