Town Hall Foundation Mission Statement

The Town Hall Foundation has created Review Criteria for music lyrics using Academic Studies that show the detrimental Cause and Effect of these lyrics on Childhood Development. The four areas of concern are: Glamorization of Drug Use, Graphic Violence, Hate Speech, and Explicit Sexual Content. Combined with the technology of today, the outcome is in fact the Brainwashing of our children. Our researchers analyze music lyrics and those lyrics that fail our Review Criteria receive the THF Stamp of Shame. We will provide the data to parents via our Website and via Smart Phone Apps.

Contact Information:

Phone: 702-560-0171



John Poland CEO

Mr. Poland serves as CEO of the Town Hall Foundation. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for Candyrat Records. He has served as CEO and Chairman of the Board for TechSkills LLC and AmeriTrain Corp.

Mr. Poland also served as a senior executive at IBM, Manpower Group and North Communications. He brings experience and skills from his past to the Town Hall Foundation. He is married, has two children and five grandchildren.